How we product healthy tea BRUSNIKATEA

  • 1. Assembled by hand
    Berries and herbs are harvested by hand in compliance with all collection rules, without the use of machinery. Each plant separately. This means that you will not find foreign impurities in the blend. The composition consists of only 100% natural ingredients.
  • 2. Ecologically clean region
    Berries and herbs are collected in an ecologically clean region of the Belgorod region. There is wild plants that absorb the power of forests, steppes and fields. Filled with clean air and spring waters.
  • 3. Selection of the best raw materials
    Careful selection of raw materials is not just a standard, but one of the most important aspects. Quality of raw materials is the key to your health and our success.
Six key benefits of our tea
100% natural product
  • Contains only herbs, berries and fruits
  • Over 80% of the ingredients come from our plantations
  • Manual assembly
  • Ecologically clean Belgorod's region
  • Drying at a temperature of 50°C - preservation of useful properties
  • We approach business with a soul and full responsibility for quality
BRUSNIKATEA is a 100% natural product created by nature. Our family hand-picks the ingredients as they ripen and bloom, after which, nourished by the sun going to your home.
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